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You can be funded in as quick as 10 days! We can achieve this by putting SMART developers directly in contact with decision makers, speeding up the decision process. We are also a Direct Fund Balance Sheet Lender, which allow for fast funding after lending.


Providing loans with as little as 10% down allows our developers to keep cash liquid and the ability to initiate multiple projects at once. When partnering with SMART Lending, there is no need to chase multiple lenders, as we have full access to the Capital market, allowing us to be your lender no matter the location.


Competitive Rates
SMART Lending ensures our rates are always competitive against all Direct Fund Balance Sheet Lenders.

Competitive Rates

The SMART Steps to Success

Identify the SMART Loan Product

Collaborate with our SMART Lending experts to customize the ideal loan solution for your specific needs.

Expedited Funding in as Quick as 10 Days

Keep your projects moving without unnecessary delays.

Empower Your Business' Growth

Optimize your profits and maintain a healthy cashflow, positioning yourself for future opportunities.

Benjamin B.

SMART Developer, August 2023

Smart Lending provided me with a fantastic experience closing on my most recent investment property. From start to finish they worked hard to stay ahead of my needs and make the loan/closing process the least of my worries. I was pleasantly surprised by their ability to underwrite my deal with limited personal information from me. Furthermore, the information they did need was perfectly aligned with the pertinent information I also require to prepare my own projects for a successful procurement and delivery.

I would recommend them to anyone looking for a competent lending partner who understands the stress of purchasing a home these days. I give Smart Lending five stars all day long.
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Our founders and principals have over 60 years of combined experience in the real estate space.
With that, we have completed over $1.5 billion in residential real estate acquisition and renovation projects in the Washington DC region.

About SMART Lending LLC

At Smart Lending LLC, we understand the importance of your aspirations to become a SMART Developer.

To help you achieve this goal, we are your trusted Loan Partner, prioritizing Speed, Scalability, and Competitive Rates. Unlike Traditional Lending practices that often demand substantial cash reserves and involve lengthy procedures, making it hard to scale, our focus is on empowering companies to scale and thrive, whether small or large.

With over 20 years of experience in Real Estate Development, we have encountered and overcome the challenges you are currently facing. This expertise supports Smart Lending, founded by a group of residential development and finance entrepreneurs with over $1.5 billion in completed residential real estate development projects. Our approach is simple and effective when using The Smart Steps to Success.

Don't hesitate any longer! Apply Now and Seize the Moment. Take this opportunity to Assess Potential Opportunities - The SMART Way. Break free from the constraints of single projects and missed chances, and pivot towards building a scalable and adaptable business that aligns with your life's blueprint. Let Smart Lending be your partner on this journey.

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